Felix Cuesta was born in Madrid in June 1952 and in December 2008 became the first Spanish invited to participate in the annual meeting of Nobel Laureates in Economics (Nobel’s Colloquia, 2008), lecturing about how to succeed in the new world that we face since the mid 90′s, where he locates the beginning of the XXI century.

During the meeting he had the opportunity to share his theories with 5 Nobel Laureates (R. Solow, R. Mundell, E. Prescott, JA Mirrlees and E. Maskin) and gurus such as E. de Bono or Chan Kim, where his proposal was accepted as a stable medium term solution, which has to be complemented by short-term macroeconomic policies.

E. Prescott, R. Mundell and F. Cuesta n the annual meeting of Nobel Laureates in Economics - Nobel’s Colloquia, 2008

E. Prescott, R. Mundell and F. Cuesta n the annual meeting of Nobel Laureates in Economics – Nobel’s Colloquia, 2008

He holds a PhD in Economics, Special Prize awarded to his doctoral thesis and published immediately upon reading, with the title “The business transformation as the basis for competitiveness.”

He holds a Science Master degree in Physics, and he argues that thanks to those first studies he built the ground base and the mindset which allowed him to develop business focused theories and methodologies. And becoming later on an international though leader in the subject. His background is complemented with various Masters, including an Executive MBA from IE Business School, expanding his experience in Management.
He currently combines his dedication as advisor for companies with his teaching activity, his activity as a speaker and writer, being professor at the University of Alcala, the IE Business School and Visiting International Colleges and Schools. He is a member of the Top Ten Speakers platform and is represented as a speaker by the agency BCC Partners International.

With over 35 years of experience as a manager in multinational companies (ITT, Digital Equipment Corp., Unisys, MISCO, Banesto, Proudfoot and Coopers & Lybrand) and advisor to multinational companies and SMEs, on which he feels a special attraction, coining the term “pymemización”, a recommendation of what big companies should do to overcome the current situation and adapt to the environment in which they have to do their economic activity, declaring since the beginning of the 90´s an outspoken proponent of specialization of the company and the disintegration of the value chain, outsourcing activities in which you are not specialist configuring it again through agreements with other complementary businesses, forming “virtual mega-sme´s” whose competitiveness is indisputable.

Cuesta 2During this period is noteworthy the achievement of Luis Alberto Petit Award given to his research team at ITT for the development of the family of data capture terminals ITT 3470, having to immediately assume international management position.

It was at Digital Equipment Corporation where he changed his professional orientation and began his professional career as a manager through the area of Marketing and Sales, and highlighting his work as Business Manager, being responsible for the establishment of the Company direct channel, DECdirect.

He was the founder of MISCO in Spain and its first Country Manager getting, due to its results, the reference at international level as well as in the Distance Selling in Spain.

He has created and managed in Banesto the group of companies whose objective was the branches support to convert them in real points of sales, work that he did based in his knowledge and experience in Direct Marketing.

After a number of years in senior management positions, he understood that it was the time to open new possibilities and use his experience in other ventures, and shifted to the consultancy sector, where he started in Proudfoot as Vice-president, being nominated to Alec Prize 94, in his first year in the company, afterwards he comes back to Spain as top management in Coopers & Lybrand and finally he takes the decision of working as freelance, and during the last ten years he has been devoted to work as Business Advisor, in parallel with his academic activity and also as speaker.

During the last stage, he has published 10 books, a chapter in an encyclopedia and more than 100 articles, sharing experiences, methodologies and tools, with anyone who is interested, emphasizing that focus on low cost society and how to overcome the crisis, which according to his theories, should be the normal mode of operation for any company.

His methodology, “CUSTOMERING”, is specially relevant as well as his model of client valuation which facilitate the chimera of clients oriented strategy implementation, starting with the client objective valuation, changing the way for client segmentation, based on numeric variables, to focus in the real most valuable clients and acting in a systematic way.

In fact in his last book “Enthusiasm Generator”, he gives us a sample, very enjoyable and affordable through 18 “sketches” about how to succeed in difficult situations, crises like the present, focusing on the client and opening up to the opportunities that arise in the day to day.

As a speaker, is sharing his knowledge and experience with top managers and students from around the world, highlighting his accessibility and communication skills, making simple and understandable situations and theories, a priori, complex, thanks to its perfect assimilation of the virtuous circle that he has always emphasized that occurs between the Business Advisory and Teaching.